Sunday, May 24, 2009


I took some pics while watching the last replay. It's not much but I hope these will be fine. I wasn't able to finish the show coz we had to go to church. I have to watch another replay.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol 8 Finale

Man, this season is so memorable to me. It was my first time that I fell in love --- 'fell in love' is an overstatement you think? LOL. Well, let's just say I was never a fan girl before of any celebrity. Anoop made me a fangirl BIGTIME! I did things I don't usually do especially in watching AI.

Talking about the finale. I was only excited for the finale because I got to see Anoop again! And then we only heard him sang like what 3 lines? Or to sum up all his performances maybe like 10? SUCKS! Lil got a duet with Queen Latifah and she's top 7. Dammit. >:(

On the brighter side, Anoop was smokin' HOT in the finale. Anoop in a suit in their introduction performance for Rod Stewart was smokin' HOOOOTTT! I just didn't like that he wore the OBB jacket again but still he was hot. LOL.

I'm gonna miss this. I hope next AI season I won't get attached to any Idol anymore. Hell, it's tiring espcially emotionally but in Anoop's case, it's all worth it. =)

To all my readers ---- well, if there's any, I would still update this blog because I will always be an Anoop fan girl. =)

Till next time! Cheers! =)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

May 4. Anoop Day!

Happy Anoop Day! It's Anoop's day in Chapel HIll, North Carolina, USA.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Noop Dogg, we love you

Yoko is preparing a homecoming gift for Anoop. I saw her post in IDF. So, I made this for Anoop. It's not really that big but hey, I made that with my sweat and blood ---- well, only my sweat. Say no to violence. Nyahahha.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Didn't BLOG for he past 3 perfs of Anoop

If you are probably wondering why I haven't blog about Anoop's past 3 performances, it's because it is too hard for me thinking that he gave a great performance but the judges just give him so-so , lukewarm or okay comments.

True Colors , Everything I Do, and Dim All The Lights perfs were really great. Man, I don't know what to say. I'm just so sad. Damn. Maybe I'm still in denial stage.

Troopers, we will be okay. Anoop's journey has just started. He'll make it big considering he has that pop ,RnB voice which is really marketable nowadays. To mention uhmmmm...Ne-Yo.

Go Anoop.

Anoop, it's just the beginning.

I will just keep it short and simple. It's too hard for me to rant and it gets me nowhere. Ranting, feeling mad, angry and etc just makes me feel worse. I'm sooo sad, affected, a little bit bitter, and other synonymous feelings about Anoop's elimination. He had three straight very good performance and now he's gone. Pero seriously I'm really sad. AI is fixed. How did I know that? Join online forums.

And ohhh, let me just say this, Anoop's scruffy look is soooooo HAWT! Oh my, he looks sooo manly but I still want the geeky college guy Anoop. Wait. I love the two looks. Which is which? *weighing with hands* Scruffy? Geeky? BOTH? Both!

I will definitely buy your record. Gawd, this is my first time. I you Anoop.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top 8!!!

Anoop is safe.

24 hours earlier........

Wednesday morning.

I'm excited to watch Anoop perform again. I read these spoilers in the internet and sadly the judges didn't swoon over his performance. Since the show starts at 6 PM here in the Philippines, I joined my fellow troopers in power voting for Anoop. It was my first time to vote for an Idol contestant and I was excited. I downloaded Gizmo last week and I got to use it this week for Anoop only. I don't vote for any other Idol. Hell I care with them. I voted for almost 4 straight hours using Gizmo and my cellphone. From 10 Am plus to 2:30 PM. Anoop really needed those votes this week. I was sooo tired after so I took a nap.

6 PM.

Anoop got to perform first. He sang Caught Up by Usher. I loved it! He was sooo HOT up there. I would like to thank his stylist for a better wardrobe this week coz can I just repeat it, he was hot. I already knew before watching the show that the judges didn't loved his perf but after hearing their comments I wasn't really affected. I felt okay until I read all these bad comments about Anoop in every online forum that I joined (5 online forums). I even "unsubscribed" the American Idol thread in one forum coz it really hurts me reading all those negative comments. I really had a not-so-okay night yesterday. It was like after Anoop's Beat It perf. Well, okay I felt bad. I felt bad not because of Anoop's perf but people's comments about him.


There is only one thing I'd like to say to her. Get the hell out of Idol.

Results show.

I can't wait for 6 PM. So I read these spoilers again and found out that Anoop is safe. Thank God. My power voting was all worth it. I was really hesitant to blog what I feel right now (These nega comments about Anoop keep on comin') coz I don't know maybe it was just too hard for me. Yeah, I am that addicted to Anoop and I'm so emotionally attached that I easily get affected of what other people say about him. This is the first time that has happened to me. Gosh.

Studio Version

I always love Anoop's studio versions. I never listened to Usher but this is an exception since Anoop sang it. If you want his studio versions, you can email me and I'll send it to you.. Just click Profile in this blog.

I just hope Anoop will bring it next week.

Go Anoop! I'd vote like hell just for you.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm sooo nervous

The judges didn't like Anoop's performance.


Power Voting mode.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Anoop...Oh Baby Baby.....

Oohh baby baby....

LSS much? I loved Anoop's performance last night and I think it was better than last week or was it just the song? Listening to Anoop's voice with this song is sooooo sexy. I kind of hated Matt for singing Let's Get It On (listen to anoop's version find the link in anoop's video lists listed beside) but once I've listened to OBB's studio version I didn't mind. (well, i still do mind a lil bit)

Anoop NEVER bores me.

Anoop is just so sexy. Dammit! Wish I could see him in person. Today's result show, Stevie Wonder will be performing. Ryan was about to announce that Stevie was up next, Anoop's reaction was sooo funny and cute when he mouthed the words "Stevie Wonder" . He's also a fanboy. LOL!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Killing Me.

Todays is Thursday and it's American Idol again. Last season, when it's AI day my reaction is "ohh AI ..gotta watch" but now my reaction is "OMG. OMG. AI today. Anoop. *smitten*". Haha. Waiting really kills me especially when I read spoilers about Anoop having this great performance again. :-) It's 11 AM. 6 PM takes forever!!

I'm listening to Anoop's performance. It's in mp3 format. I'm smittened.
. What more if I'll be sseing him perform later (on TV of course! haha). "baby baby...."

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Anoop and I had some fun moments

It was night time and I saw this tour bus parked at the other side of the road. The bus was electric blue. Yeah, similar to American Idol's logo. I walked towards the bus and holy sshhhhhhh! It was the American Idol tour bus. Yes! The season 8 contestants were there! I saw Matt, Kris, Allison and ANOOP! OMG! I told myself to be calm but I can't be calm when Anoop Desai was just a hug away. The Idols were going back to the bus. Their concert had just finished. I was with my friend (I can't remember his/her name). I grabbed her towards the tour bus and there I was screaming and waving at Mat, Kris, Allison and Anoop. I was screaming the word "picture". I wanted to have a picture taken with them but Matt (he ws looking at my direction) was saying they couldn't because the production manager or whoever it is won't allow them. So I had this sad face. Then I turned to Anoop and I had this "puppy" face that made him said yes. OMG! He went out. There he was standing in front me. OMG! I wanted to ask him will you marry me? But I didn't of course. LOL! So I had my camera ready. Anoop and I posed for a picture and I said thank you but it wasn't enough I asked him for another pic. So I have two pictures with Anoop now. I wasn't contented so I requested for another pic this time I was hugging him (YEah!). Anoop had to go. He went back to the tour bus and said goodbye. Gosh! He was really hot. OMG. Tour bus was gone. My friend and I were excited to watch the pictures in my digital camera. -------- WAIT! OMG! What happened to my camera?!!! Where were the pictures?!! ---------------

It was only a dream.

Yeah. I wish that was real.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Great top 11 performace by Anoop!

Loved it. Here I go again being speechless. LOL. No words can express how happy I am for Anoop. Simon took back what he said last week. Well, he should and he shouldn't have said that either. To Anoop haters, take that! Whatever you say he had one of the best performances of the night.

Studio versions just leave a comment and your email.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Anoop! Saved!

The judges really smacked Anoop hard in the face with their HORRIBLE comments! Come on! That performance wasn't really that bad. I think Michael Sarver(boring?!) and Jasmine Murray (duh? what's with the hype? The judges loved her so much ) had one of the worst performances of the night.

Okay, I admit when Anoop was singing the first part of the song "I was like...woo-hoo!" but as the performance went on I wasn't really "Wowed". Paula was dancing all through out Anoop's performance and she gave him a horrible comment? WTF! Those judges are hypocrites especially Simon. Simon regrets picking Anoop into the top 13 but he didn't regret picking Jasmine. WTF again. I think those judges were just playing with Anoop's feelings and his fans. Anoop has one of the largest fan base in this season.

I don't believe that Anoop was really in the bottom 3. That is just ugh! AI producers were just using Anoop for ratings.

I already have Anoop's studio version of Beat It. Gosh those judges were just exaggerating. They really made it that bad.

One day Anoop will have this awesome performance and the whole world will be shock. Go Anoop!!....

Friday, March 6, 2009


He's so cute here. He's like a lil child.

Come on baby! Yeah. HOT! !:smitten:

Anoop is in. Oh my. I've got nothing much to say coz I'm speechless. Anoop's performance was hot! He got those girls in the studio screaming at him. I"m so in love with him. *fangirl mode* GOSH!

View his performance here:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anoop is in the WC round!!!

Okay. I'm calm ---- NOT! Aside from his oh so beautiful voice, he was so handsome, cute, adorable when the WC contestants were announced. Gosh. I loved what Simon said to Anoop. Likeable. Easy pick for wild card (he totally deserved it and he should be in the op 12). Original.

I'm anxious for his performance tomorrow. I hope he'll make us "wow" tomorrow.

Go Anoop!!!

ABOVE PICTURES were his reaction when his name was called. HOW CUTE!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When Anoop auditioned...

I really didn't expect how beautiful his voice was. When he was featured, i thought this person was just one of those stupid people who make fun of themselves on national TV but when he started singing, man, I was blown away and from that moment he was already my favorite and started making blogs for him, viewing the UNC Clefhangers channel on Youtube, register in different Idol forums which I didn't do in the past seasons, downloaded the songs they sang, wishing I could see him in person and etc.That was what Anoop wore during the auditions (above picture). Laid back. Geeky Hot.

Wildcard Round

There are three days left till the wildcard round. I've been hanging out in the American Idol official site forums and a lot of them were saying that Anoop has a huge chance of making it. The more they say it the more I get anxious! Waiting is such an agony. Idol is boring without Anoop this season.

Even at school, I campaign for Anoop! Only with my friends. Haha. I always tell them "hey, listen to this guy, Anoop, he really does have a smooth voice (getting my mp3 player and shove the earphones in their ears! )".

Anoop for wildcard!!! I also like Meghan. Anoop and Meghan for wildcard!

Friday, February 27, 2009

He's an addiction to me

I was never this addicted to an Idol contestant before that I even made a blog just for him. I stayed up late just watching his vids on Youtube.

My favorites are:
The Only One for Me
Buy You A Drank
I Wanna Love You
Angel of Mine
I'll Make Love To You


Anoop for Top 12!!!!

Anoop's Barbecue Thesis

Click this link:]

This was posted in one of Anoop's fansites.

You have to have an Adobe Acrobat program to be able to read it. Enjoy!

UNC Clefhangers - Buy You A Drink cover

I really don't listen to this kind of music. I don't even know who the original artist of this song. I saw this vid on Youtube but didn't bother to watch it coz I don't listen to this songs. In an Idol forum, one member posted that when girls see that performance of Anoop they would go o-la-la. After watching it, I love Anoop even more. Gosh! :smitten:

Here's the link:

Anoop Desai Should be in the Top 12!!

Yesterday, I was really nervous watching the elimination episode of American Idol season 8. My favorite is Anoop. I just love him. He makes my heart melt whenever he sings. I find him cute too! I love his geeky vibe. He was so cute when Ryan asked him how he was feeling and he kept talking and talking (like a nervous geeky cute guy) and Ryan asked him again "Anoop are you nervous or not?" and he said he never felt this nervous in his life and just smiled (so cute!). Those were not the exact words but you got the point.:-P I never rooted for a contestant this much since I started watching AI way back 2003. When Ryan announced that Micheal Sarver was the one included in the top 12 my world collapsed. I was really really sad. Why America?

I am a member of 6 online forums, a lot of them were rooting for Anoop to be included in the top 12. I'm such a fan. I really hope he'll be included in the wildcard. I hope he'll choose the right song. He sang Angel of Mine by Monica and I thought it was great I had this kilig feeling and dreamy face when i was watching him sing.

To those who haven't watched and heard him sing. Go to and type UNC Clefhangers. find and click UNC Clefhangers - I'll Make Love To You and you'll know why I'm, such a huge fan.

I found this post in an online forum and it just made me like-- love Anoop more than ever.

What's special about him?
1. His voice-it's sweet, sleek, smooth, his voice can be both sexy and angelic at the same time
2. his groove-
3. the sincerity in his performances-you can tell he connects with the songs he sings
4. his politeness
5. his intelligence-I mean I can tell he's an educated young man with the way he answers
6. his down-to-earth demeanor- seems he's like a regular guy even the way he dresses
7. I also find endearing the special camaraderie that he seems to have with his clef pals.
8. His physical attributes-he's tall, dark and handsome (nice sincere smile, cute dimples).
9. I can go on and on...and I don't really know him...I'm just getting these from impressions I get from his TV appearances, from the youtube videos, from the dedication his friends at UNC has shown.

Courtesy of daphine in PEX. She wrote these.

I'm watching the UNC Clefhangers cover of I"ll Make Love To You again for i don't know how many times already. I don't know who the original artist is.

Anoop I love you!...
*big grin*