Monday, April 27, 2009

Noop Dogg, we love you

Yoko is preparing a homecoming gift for Anoop. I saw her post in IDF. So, I made this for Anoop. It's not really that big but hey, I made that with my sweat and blood ---- well, only my sweat. Say no to violence. Nyahahha.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Didn't BLOG for he past 3 perfs of Anoop

If you are probably wondering why I haven't blog about Anoop's past 3 performances, it's because it is too hard for me thinking that he gave a great performance but the judges just give him so-so , lukewarm or okay comments.

True Colors , Everything I Do, and Dim All The Lights perfs were really great. Man, I don't know what to say. I'm just so sad. Damn. Maybe I'm still in denial stage.

Troopers, we will be okay. Anoop's journey has just started. He'll make it big considering he has that pop ,RnB voice which is really marketable nowadays. To mention uhmmmm...Ne-Yo.

Go Anoop.

Anoop, it's just the beginning.

I will just keep it short and simple. It's too hard for me to rant and it gets me nowhere. Ranting, feeling mad, angry and etc just makes me feel worse. I'm sooo sad, affected, a little bit bitter, and other synonymous feelings about Anoop's elimination. He had three straight very good performance and now he's gone. Pero seriously I'm really sad. AI is fixed. How did I know that? Join online forums.

And ohhh, let me just say this, Anoop's scruffy look is soooooo HAWT! Oh my, he looks sooo manly but I still want the geeky college guy Anoop. Wait. I love the two looks. Which is which? *weighing with hands* Scruffy? Geeky? BOTH? Both!

I will definitely buy your record. Gawd, this is my first time. I you Anoop.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top 8!!!

Anoop is safe.

24 hours earlier........

Wednesday morning.

I'm excited to watch Anoop perform again. I read these spoilers in the internet and sadly the judges didn't swoon over his performance. Since the show starts at 6 PM here in the Philippines, I joined my fellow troopers in power voting for Anoop. It was my first time to vote for an Idol contestant and I was excited. I downloaded Gizmo last week and I got to use it this week for Anoop only. I don't vote for any other Idol. Hell I care with them. I voted for almost 4 straight hours using Gizmo and my cellphone. From 10 Am plus to 2:30 PM. Anoop really needed those votes this week. I was sooo tired after so I took a nap.

6 PM.

Anoop got to perform first. He sang Caught Up by Usher. I loved it! He was sooo HOT up there. I would like to thank his stylist for a better wardrobe this week coz can I just repeat it, he was hot. I already knew before watching the show that the judges didn't loved his perf but after hearing their comments I wasn't really affected. I felt okay until I read all these bad comments about Anoop in every online forum that I joined (5 online forums). I even "unsubscribed" the American Idol thread in one forum coz it really hurts me reading all those negative comments. I really had a not-so-okay night yesterday. It was like after Anoop's Beat It perf. Well, okay I felt bad. I felt bad not because of Anoop's perf but people's comments about him.


There is only one thing I'd like to say to her. Get the hell out of Idol.

Results show.

I can't wait for 6 PM. So I read these spoilers again and found out that Anoop is safe. Thank God. My power voting was all worth it. I was really hesitant to blog what I feel right now (These nega comments about Anoop keep on comin') coz I don't know maybe it was just too hard for me. Yeah, I am that addicted to Anoop and I'm so emotionally attached that I easily get affected of what other people say about him. This is the first time that has happened to me. Gosh.

Studio Version

I always love Anoop's studio versions. I never listened to Usher but this is an exception since Anoop sang it. If you want his studio versions, you can email me and I'll send it to you.. Just click Profile in this blog.

I just hope Anoop will bring it next week.

Go Anoop! I'd vote like hell just for you.